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In propella design we found a marketing agency which shaped the perception of our
product "Gardenfair" by using all their creativity and esprit: now we are modern and
attractive for all visitors, no matter what age. The Gardenfair Bamberg 2012 with all its
forms of appearance is introduced as a fascinating and appealing place to encounter,
both in first flyer publications or image brochures as well as on the website. Lots of
impetus was introduced by propella also to our advertising: the first poster campaign
attracted a lot of attention so that the saisonal ticket is sold in remarkable amounts one
year prior to the opening. The cooperation with propella is purely straightforward. In our
opinion this is the only way to break new ground with the product "Gardenfair". We are
already looking forward to the upcoming ideas of propella regarding new projects.
One thing is already certain: it will be fun and once more incredibly creative!


Stephanie Schirken-Gerster